Nimbus Wireless Controller

Publisher:. SteelSeries
Platform: Mac, Mobile
Genre:. Accessory


Play hundreds of your favorite controller-supported games with the new Nimbus Wireless Controller on your Apple TV. This controller is full-sized, wireless, and based on an ergonomic console design. Other features include 40+ hours of game play per charge, LED notification, menu button for easy navigation, and pressure sensitive buttons for precise control.

– Better Gaming Experience
– Pressure sensitive buttons for precise gaming control
– Console-style left and right analog triggers
– Bluetooth 4.1 * Lithium ion Rechargeable 40+ hour battery life via Lightning connector
– 4 LED’s to display the player status during multiplayer game play
– Dedicated On/Off Slider Switch to enhance battery life even further
– Dedicated Pairing Button Console-like Form Factor
– Comfort and ergonomics of full-sized controller
– Standard console controls in familiar locations
– Color coded action buttons for easy spotting

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