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The tournament-grade Apex M800 is the world’s fastest and most programmable mechanical gaming keyboard. It gives you the quick response and personal control to master your favorite games. Our newly-engineered QS1 Switch, the low profile layout of the keyboard and dual processors all help to ensure swift transitions between keys, minimal finger fatigue and consistently fast key strikes.

- Switches
- Competition-grade mechanical QS1 Switch has a 60 million click lifetime, linear design and smooth feel
- The QS1 Switch has the lowest actuation point designed for quicker response times and less wasted effort
- Fastest mechanical keyboard on the market, presses register 25% faster than a traditional mechanical switch
- 3mm throw depth, with a 1.5mm actuation and reset depth – lowest and quickest switch on the market
- A mere 45cN of actuation force is all that is needed to press the keys
- Clear switch housing and centered LED light delivers vibrant, evenly distributed illumination without excessive light bleed between the keys Hardware
- Low-profile design and quicker key presses deliver optimal gaming ergonomics with less finger fatigue
- Supports the simultaneous pressing of all keys in game mode in addition to zero ghosting
- Onboard dual processors: One dedicated entirely for managing keystrokes, the other for everything else
- 6 Dedicated quick-access macro keys, strategically placed for easy access
- One-touch control over media, volume and brightness with F keys
- Tactile bumps on the W-key help provide a fast return to WASD
- Cable management system allows for cables to run under the keyboard
- Swappable rubber feet so you can adjust the keyboard’s angle to fit your needs
- Integrated, powered USB 2.0 hub for additional connectivity
- Doublebraided cable for durability
- Illumination continues along the sides of the keyboard, surrounding the side plates Software
- Detailed customization and control over Apex M800 with SteelSeries Engine
- Brilliant 16.8 million color individually illuminated keys, full RGB LED, with 8 brightness levels
- Customize with various lighting modes like Breathe, Wave, and Trigger. Create, program and share your own custom illumination effects and settings through SteelSeries Engine
- Create custom cool-down timers to illuminate specific keys when important commands or events are ready in game
- Dedicated game mode that disables Windows and OS command keys
- All keys are individually programmable to any keyboard, mouse or media key. Or rebind them to launch an application or macro
- Feature rich macro editor with support for powerful text-based macros, appeals to both casual and advanced players (allows unlimited macros from SteelSeries Engine direct to the in-game console)
- Record, save, edit and playback macros on the fly. Control their delays and playback options
- Switch among unlimited profiles giving you the ability to completely remap any or all of your keys instantly
- Configure specific game profiles to adjust controls and switch automatically when launching a game
- Instantly swap profiles with a simple button press for Apex or any other SteelSeries Engine device
- Never lose your settings, back them all up with our CloudSync™ feature in SteelSeries Engine

Apex M800

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